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A style statement

Electric radiators are the latest phenomenon to hit the home and office heating arena, everywhere you look people are driving stylish cars and wearing haute couture fashions from the streets of Milan to the banks of the Seine and due to popular demand our range of heating systems has expanded to include a very nice designer range. You may think that a radiator is just that, a radiator, nothing could be further from the truth; its like saying a car is just a car, a Skoda the same as a Mercedes Benz? Don’t make me laugh. People have always been different and like our tastes in food our tastes in interior design also vary significantly. We are sure you will find something suitable on our website to enhance your office or living space, our range of electric radiators are amongst the most comprehensive anywhere and if you do not see exactly the right style for you please contact us and we will pull out all the stops to meet your own personal requirements. If you are embarking on a new venture such as a trendy bar or cocktail lounge you have certainly come to the right place, our experienced team of design consultants have extensive experience within the realms of the entertainments industry and can make some informed suggestions as to what range of electric radiators best fits your specification. Please contact us either by e-mail or by telephone, all details can be found on our website.

New build or renovation

No matter if you are a developer looking to fit out a series of living units or work spaces or an individual who just wishes to renovate their electric radiators, we have the solution for you. Although we particularly specialise in the fitting out of offices and new build housing developments we are also well versed in providing electric radiators to the individual homeowner. In order for us to meet your exact specification it would be much appreciated if you could provide us with a few details as to the style of your living space, this will enable us to provide a number of cutting edge proposals for your consideration. As previously mentioned our experienced design team come from a wealth of backgrounds but their underlying expertise lies in interior design, specifically the fixtures and fittings and how they can enhance a room. We realise that it is not every day you invest in electric radiators so we are determined to make the whole buying process an experience to savour and not to forget. Many companies are only interested in taking your money and do not give a second thought to any practical or aesthetic barriers you may encounter, here at the Radiator Factory we are proud to be different and one phone call to us will clarify that you are indeed dealing with a reputable company with your best interests at heart.

Suppliers to the trade

As previously mentioned several of our key clients are developers and real estate experts looking to equip their portfolio with electric radiators that belong in a 21st century house or apartment. Several of these clients are household names and literally have the buying power to obtain their electric radiators from anywhere but they choose to deal with us for 2 main reasons, quality and reliability. Anyone who has ever had a bad experience with a tradesman will know just how stressful it can be, people who speak in technical terms as to why it hasn’t been done and so on, this does not happen at the Radiator Factory we provide all advice and information in pure and simple terms and will ensure that you understand before we sell you a product, we believe it is this customer care ethos that separates us from our competition and rightly cements our position at the very peak of our sector. We also receive several enquiries from schools and technical establishments asking for recommendations of how they can maintain a more cost effective heating solution, again our team of experts are happy to help and outline the benefits of the latest electric radiators in comparison to the antiquated units of yesteryear. Not only do our latest collections look better they are also more cost effective and eco friendly.

Electric radiators

Like everything in the history of mankind things progress and improve as time and technology increases. This applies to everything from food hygiene to the latest in technology, anyone who was born in the 1970’s will surely remember the popular television program 'Tomorrows World’ and their showcasing of the worlds first computer. Although a technological landmark the featured computer was the size of a small house and had the computing ability of today’s average pocket calculator. The same applies to the household or the office, from the dirty coal fire up to the late 1960’s to the cutting edge electric radiators of today; things are definitely changing for the better. To conclude, the technology is here and those who don’t utilise it fall behind, just as important as the technology are the people who supply it. Here at the Radiator Factory we are at the forefront of contemporary heating technology and when a new design is launched you can guarantee we are amongst the first to assess and supply if applicable. We do not rest on our laurels, our products like our business practices move with the times in order to keep pace with modern life. If you fancy moving onwards and upwards a new heating system is the ideal place to start and our electric radiators are sleek, stylish, cost effective and environmentally friendly. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are the experts and are generally regarded as the cream of the heating industry.