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Underfloor heating

Raising indoor temperatures by warming up the floor of a room is certainly not a new idea as the Romans used to channel hot air underneath their bathing rooms 2000 years ago. However, the range of products that are available today are a lot more convenient and will not require you to employ somebody to keep a fire stoked 24 hours a day in order for them to work. There are two main types of systems that heat rooms from underneath the floor: electric and water. Those that utilise hot water are powered by gas, which makes them more economical to run but the cost of installation is higher than for an electric system so there are pros and cons to both types. People with homes that are not connected to a gas mains supply will obviously find it easier to opt for an electrical system. For extensions it is not difficult to incorporate the necessary pipes for underfloor heating products that use water, over a cement or timber sub-floor, but if you wish to replace your current heaters without major work, matting with electric cables contained in the backing will be a much easier and cheaper option. The matting can be cut to fit any size and shape of room, which makes it simple to install, and the cables are held in place on the reverse of the tiles, so they are always the correct distance apart. This ensures that the heat is distributed evenly across the whole floor.

Looks and feels great

One of the properties of this type of system that appeals to many homeowners is the fact that it cannot be seen, unlike radiators and storage heaters. Although both these products are now available in a range of modern designs, some people prefer the clean lines that can be achieved in a room by having all the equipment hidden out of sight. The other main attraction of electric and water underfloor heating systems for the bathroom and other areas of your home is the wonderful feeling of being able to walk around barefoot in the middle of winter. All of the systems that we supply have been hand picked by our team of buyers as representing the best in their class. The criteria that we use to judge each system includes value for money, economy, reliability and ease of installation. Whichever type you choose, we would recommend employing a certified professional to install your new system to minimise the risk of any problems occurring. In the unlikely event that any of the items we supply are found to be defective, we will endeavour to replace them at the earliest possible opportunity. Our business has been built on providing a level of customer service that matches the high quality of the products we sell and we are always open to suggestions from our clients as to any improvements that we could make. If you have any questions about the underfloor heating that we stock, please do not hesitate to call us.