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Electric Radiators

Heating up your home is very important and for a time the means to do so was the only aspect of a radiator that was considered. Today however, more and more people are also concerned with having a heating device that looks good as well as works efficiently, such as Liberty radiators. Home decoration stores across the UK are increasingly seen to be selling radiators that come in a range of styles and designs, but our online store can compete with the best of them, and can offer very good prices. Radiators come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, such as column style and horizontal and are made from materials such as aluminium and cast iron. So whatever design the room where the radiator is to be fitted you are sure to find a model to complement it. Electric radiators, architectural, mirrored and period are just some of the different styles available, and if you take the time to peruse our collection you are bound to see at least a couple of models that would look good in your home. For example our Liberty radiators are perfect for those wanting to create a room with a classic look.

Liberty radiators

For those lucky enough to have a home with several different rooms, making each room different in terms of its style is a worthwhile endeavour. Electric radiators are so versatile you could have twenty rooms and each could be fitted with a different looking model. For a room that is luxurious yet minimalist for example a block radiator is perfect with its elegant chic finish and clean lines. The stunning Victoriana lines that bring to life the Liberty radiators are exquisite and really will look good in any period setting. These are therefore ideal for people who are struggling to find a model to suit their room. Truly though it is better to have too much choice than too little when it comes to radiators, as there was a time when electric radiators would have only come in one or two styles. If you have decided that the New Liberty cast iron radiator is the one for you, then all that is left to do is select the finish and size and you are done. We aim to make the process of finding the exact model you require as easy as possible, and hope you enjoy shopping with us.

Elegant and Modern

If you have already set your sights on our electric radiators and are in a position to simply choose the right model, then make sure to have a good idea of where the radiator will be fitted and what size space you have. All our radiators come in a range of different sizes, including our Liberty radiators, so make sure to measure the space where it will be fitted first and then check out the different sizes that the radiator you want comes in. Anyone looking for a radiator for the bathroom should of course peruse our selection of heated towel rails, with the Bianco an especially attractive example, as on a cold morning there is nothing nicer then having a warm towel to dry oneself with after a shower. Electric radiators are ideal for all areas of the house and the new generation of aluminium radiators will look great wherever they are fitted, and come in various heights and widths. What all our radiators have in common, apart from their unique style, is their efficiency in warming a room, so whether you like the liberty radiators or hot spring design, you don't have to worry about their effectiveness.

Quality Finishes

When it comes to redecorating an area of the home, be it a lounge, dining room or hallway, often choosing a quality radiator is overlooked. The most obvious thing to be replaced is the wallpaper as this immediately freshens up a room, with other elements of refurbishment including a new carpet and light fittings. Electric radiators are today a wonderful example of something that works well and looks good. An array of these models would add a special touch to a home, and could make a great first impression when entering a home if fitted in the front hallway. Liberty radiators are especially good examples of radiators that will turn heads as well as warm hands. With its classic finish it simply exudes quality, and as we offer these in plenty of different sizes as with all our electric radiators, you should be able to fit it nicely into most areas of your house. If you have browsed the high street stores for deals, we would challenge you to compare the prices you found with our own. Our Liberty radiators are undoubtedly value for money and will add a touch of class to your home for years to come.

Creative Style

Once known purely for their functionality, today it can be quite a lot of fun looking at all the different styles of radiator on the market. We have packed out our website with all the latest designs, such as the Decoral Hi from the electric radiators section, so customers can use us as a one stop shop in terms of searching for and purchasing a radiator for their home or office. Obviously making sure they have strong heating capabilities is paramount, but as with the Liberty radiators, the range of styles that are available is simply a reflection of people's desire for aesthetic choice. If you look through our entire collection and are concerned that none of the radiators will fit into the space in your house allocated for it, then our unique curving and angling service may well be for you. From our electric radiators to period models, we can take any radiator and curve it so that it can fit into most areas. We also provide a colouring service so that if you find the perfect model and want it a specific colour we can help. However, certain models like the Liberty radiators are hard to improve upon.