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Heating with a difference

Bisque radiators are at the forefront of the heating revolution and have consistently been producing quality home heating solutions for well over 25 years. The secret to their longetivity can be summed up in two words, outstanding quality. The design and functionality of this range of designer radiators really are in a league of their own and blaze the trail for others to try and follow. The amount of imaginative creativity that goes into every unit is unrivalled and as well as producing outstanding design, the functionality is second to none. Radiators from this particular manufacturer can be seen at a variety of venues up and down the country, from the swankiest restaurants and hotels to a diverse range of educational establishments. Many of the people who favour this particular manufacturer have said they would never buy from a different manufacturer, this range of heating units really do speak for themselves. With 25 styles in thousands of sizes and over 300 product lines it is easy to see why Bisque attract such a loyal following. From quirky units that would not look out of place in a space station to a heating solution for Great Aunt Mabel, Bisque really do have something for everyone. The Radiator Factory stock a huge number of Bisque products and are amongst the first to be informed of any new product launches so you can be assured that as soon as they become available to us they will be available to you shortly after.

Feeling hot, hot, hot

The most suitable model for the majority of people is the Seta, which is currently on special offer on our website. This particular unit encompasses all the design attributes that you’d expect from Bisque radiators with a strong emphasis on functionality, the unit comes in a variety of sizes and finishes and would compliment any living or working space. Another perhaps understated advantage of the Seta range is the ease of installation. Each unit is dispatched with easy to understand installation instructions which make your heating engineers’ or plumbers’ job much easier. (Less time for installation equals more savings for you!) This said, all the Bisque range are relatively easy to install in comparison to other radiators and goes some way in illustrating why they are a favourite amongst the heating engineer fraternity as well as the customer. Functionality aside, the main reason why Bisque attracts so many new and returning customers is the design factor. Drawing influence from a number of sources, Bisque have won numerous design awards and with the input of top designer Paul Priestman are sure to win many more in the future. Due to Bisque’s unique partnerships with a number of innovative radiator companies in Switzerland, France and Italy they are able to bring stylish products to the UK consumer at a more than affordable price. For more details on this world renowned manufacturer and its products please call the Radiator Factory at your convenience.

Commercial Utilisation

Aside from heating homes, Bisque radiators can be utilised in a wide variety of commercial settings. A perennial favourite with hospitals, public buildings and educational establishments are Radiant Panels. Unobtrusive and sleekly designed they are generally mounted at a high level and thus eliminate the need for low surface temperatures. The panels come in a range of styles and are specifically designed for high capacity venues and establishments. The panels are fixed by way of a unique bracket system with a single wall fixing; this system secures both the emitter and the casing. Vertical LST’s and alternative styles with concealed valves and pipe work are also available. If you are looking for something suitable for a large office or commercial premises please contact the business to business team at the Radiator Factory for further details. Another popular choice for the commercial sector are low profile radiators. Full height glazing which is common within commercial premises often requires lower level heating in order to counteract and compensate for cold draughts. This particular range can be floor or wall mounted and sizes start as low as 70mm. Another popular choice, specifically for hospitals and educational establishments are Bisque’s range of column radiators, the classic style is a perennial favourite and if used vertically can free up wall space in addition to adding a bit of interest to the interior of a room. Robust construction and high output are two more factors why the popularity of this particular range has not diminished over time.

Bisque Radiators

As previously mentioned the design of Bisque heating units is what really separates them from their competitiors. The Karo-Therm is a prime example of what make this company a leader in this particular art form. The dramatic grid pattern is widely credited as being the first design to break new ground in what was a relatively stagnant area and with a range of vertical and horizontal sizes is sure to find its way into many more households in the near future. A similarly ground breaking design is found in the Entr้e-Therm radiator, this massive radiator is suitable for larger areas of a property, specifically hallways and reception areas. You will often see this model in the lobby areas of boutique hotels and similar establishments. The curves and the overlaid pipe work that make up this particular unit really do have to be seen to be believed, this unit and its unique design are years ahead of its time and are projected to make an even bigger impact in the coming months and years. Two more designs which are also making a big impact within the world of design are the ‘Hot Hoop’ and the ‘Hot Spring’. The Hot Hoop designed by Paul Priestman is a wall mounted unit, fabricated using a continuous stainless steel coil which is available in three diameters depending on the size of the room. The Hot Spring is spiral shaped and will surely be the focal point of any room, aside from its design the functionality of this particular unit is second to none.

Your home, your choice

Here at the Radiator Factory we will do all we can to help you select from the extensive range of Bisque radiators we supply, but the final choice is ultimately your decision. We can assist with the size of the radiator for the particular space or the type of radiator for your budget but we cannot assist with your personal taste. From the weird to the wonderful, from the classic to contemporary, we stock a huge range of radiators to suit every taste. As previously mentioned, we would advise you to browse our website extensively, new product lines are being added all the time so if you do not see anything that catches the eye one day, the chances are you will see something suitable soon after. Variety is the spice of life and one thing we do possess at the Radiator Factory in product terms is variety. If you need any accessories in order to install your radiators we will of course inform at the time of purchase. Please also be sure to clearly state what finish you require, the majority of our products have two or more finishes to choose from, so please take into account your existing d้cor before making a final decision. If you are involved within the Real Estate industry and require a number of units it may be prudent to engage the services of an interior design specialist before committing to any substantial order.

The Finest Products at the Best Price

People often ask us ‘Why are you so affordable’? The answer is simple. Aside from our unique partnerships with a number of manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, we save money because we are an online company. In comparison to high street stores we save substantially on things like ground rent and sales staff, this puts us in a position to pass these substantial savings onto you, the customer. If you should find exactly the same Bisque radiators online at a cheaper price than the Radiator Factory please inform us, we will endeavour to at least price match any genuine quotation. Please note that the products must be exactly the same, in stock and also hold the same terms and conditions as our own. In a highly competitive sector, the Radiator Factory constantly monitors our competitors’ prices to ensure we remain the best value supplier. Aside from the pricing structure we employ, one thing we will never be beaten on is our standard of customer service. Any call to us will be greeted with genuine enthusiasm and a real willingness to suit our products with your specific requirements. We take the time to listen to exactly what you need and where you need it and make some recommendations accordingly. We will also advise as to what range or model would best fit in with any budgetary constraints you may have. The customer is always no1 at the Radiator Factory and if you can find a more comprehensive and courteous supplier anywhere we would be extremely surprised.