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The Heat is on

When it comes to heating solutions, Zehnder Radiators have everything a person could want for their property and much much more. Zehnder are widely acknowledged to be the UK’s leading manufacturer of cutting edge designer radiators at affordable prices and here at the Radiator Factory we continue this trend. As part of the Zehnder group, Acova have been supplying the UK with the ultimate in heating units for well in excess of 18 years. The secret of their longetivity is simple, quality products at affordable prices. As well as their unrivalled experience within the field of radiators they are also market leaders in the ultra competitive sector that is heated towel rails. The Radiator Factory only stock the finest heating units for our loyal customer base and the Zehnder range are a firm favourite with our staff. Our Acova collection of radiators feature vertical and horizontal models, radiators with mirrors, low level plinth-style radiators and even radiators with bench seating. Our range of radiators with mirrors are attracting unprecedented interest at the moment, we believe this is a credit to the innovative design specialists at Acova. The experienced team at the Radiator factory are particularly well versed in this range of products and can answer any questions you may have in regard to suitability and technical specifications. One of the reasons the staff at the Radiator Factory are so knowledgeable about this particular manufacturer is because they actually have some of these heating units in their own homes!

Simply Magnificent

Aside from the aforementioned Zehnder radiators, we also stock an extremely popular line of Faral aluminium radiators. These are popular because of the high output and fast response associated with aluminium radiators. In addition to their more conventional models, Zehnder also manufacture a wide range of electric radiators for the bathroom and throughout the home, these are multifaceted creations with a variety of controls to suit different heating requirements. Electric radiators are advantageous as they require little work to successfully install and are becoming ever more popular with a diverse range of customers. If anymore evidence is needed regarding the credentials of Zehnder, you need look no further than BBC’s DIY SOS show. Their Italian designed Orfeo radiator has received worldwide acclaim and received a number of design based awards. Using a fusion of steel and aluminium the Orfeo has a stylish finish that results in a highly efficient heating unit with an unrivalled level of sophistication. The Orfeo is available in both horizontal and vertical versions and with a range of widths and lengths make this particular unit the perfect complement to any living space. If you wish to adapt your existing heating system in order to install Acova products the process could not be simpler, the radiators are compatible with all central heating systems and with BSP connections will accept manual or thermostatic valves. If you have any questions regarding this technical aspect of installation please contact us at the Radiator Factory or alternately seek the advice of a qualified heating engineer.

Zehnder Radiators

A recurring question that many customers have when buying Zehnder heating units from the Radiator Factory is ,’How do I select the correctly sized radiator for a room’? Don’t worry help is at hand. The first thing you should do when calculating what size radiator best fits your specifications is to calculate the volume of the room by multiplying the height, width and length in order to get the volume of the room in cubic metres. A general rule of thumb is to allow 40 watts per cubic metre for bedrooms, hallways and kitchens and multiplying the total by 40. For bathrooms, living rooms and dining rooms the total should be multiplied by 50. The resulting calculation will give the output required in watts. If any of the rooms in question have large windows or exposed walls the output requirements should be increased by 10%. If you cannot exactly match the output to a certain sized radiator it is wise to always select the next size up. It should also be noted that additional length and less height are required for radiators under a window. The aforementioned details are intended as a guideline only; we would strongly urge you to engage the services of a qualified heating engineer or plumber in order to provide a more accurate assessment of your heating needs. The engineer or plumber will also be able to advise you about the valves to be used for the positive control of the radiators in order to comply with current building regulations and environmental fuel saving.

World Renowned

Zehnder radiators are a worldwide organisation and have achieved this status through quality appliances at affordable prices. The Radiator Factory have been approved as resellers for this iconic manufacturer and are determined to uphold and maintain the standards that are generally regarded as the benchmark to which other companies aspire to. As previously mentioned, the team at the Radiator Factory not only have professional knowledge surrounding this manufacturer but also personal experience of their high quality products, why would you buy from anyone else? Aside from selecting the correct supplier for your radiators care must also be taken to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced heating engineer for the installation. Failure to appoint a professional or attempting it on your own is a recipe for disaster. An Incorrectly installed heating system can be financially disadvantageous at best and potentially dangerous at worst. The installer must be well briefed about the flow and return temperatures of the boiler in question and take care to select the appropriate D t output data. This can be a little complex due to the fact that people require different temperatures in different rooms, an example of this could be illustrated by the temperature difference between a kitchen and a bathroom or the temperature difference between a living room and a bedroom. A correctly installed thermostat is essential if the rooms are to be heated to the desirable comfort levels, seasonal variations must also be taken into account.

The Connoisseurs Choice

There is a well coined phrase that form is temporary but class is permanent, this well worn adage can certainly be applied to Acova radiators. As a company we have yet to see such a good quality selection at such affordable prices. If a customer contacted us and was not sure of exactly what radiators best fit their specification we would have no hesitation in recommending Acova. These very special heating systems combine the finest design with the ultimate in functionality, something to which their worldwide customer base will surely concur. If you would like some detailed information about this range and do not see the information on our website please do not hesitate to contact us. For enquiries of a technical nature and installation details we may need to contact our technical team so please bear with us if we take a little longer to get back to you. We will only answer the questions we know; we will not give a vague answer but seek the expertise of someone who does know. It is this attention to customer care which singles us out amongst the crowd and makes us the only choice for all your radiator needs. This is certainly not to say you need to be a radiator connoisseur to deal with us but you will realise why we are generally regarded as the cream of our particular sector. We are determined not to be beaten in any aspect of service, including product choice, affordability and perhaps most importantly, customer care.

Comfort as a Priority

Although Zehnder radiators are renowned for their style and groundbreaking design, the main emphasis in every creation is comfort. Combining the design and functionality to exactly the right balance is no easy task but Acova have managed to do this. Through painstaking research and stringent quality assurance Acova have managed to produce unit after unit that epitomises both style and comfort in equal measures. As you have browsed our website you will probably have noticed that we do not generally extol the virtues of any one manufacturer especially, the exception being Acova. We truly believe that pound for pound there is no finer range of radiators anywhere for such a multitude of different environments. For the home, for the office, for anywhere, Zehnder have a range for every setting. The only problem you are likely to face when trying to select from this exquisite collection is which one to choice. Please take your time to browse our website in order to find the right radiators for you. We spend a considerable amount of time and effort when sourcing our products and we suggest you do the same. Installing or upgrading a heating system is not a cheap exercise so it pays to get it right at the first time of asking and by making the Radiator Factory your first port of call you have made the right decision. Call us today and find out for yourself why we are the only choice when it comes to quality heating with more than a liberal sprinkling of style.